Client Location: USA
The client knocked on our with requirement for a food delivery website to cater to their local market. However, the challenge was not just to develop a food delivery website but to Outrun the numerous existing players in the industry. Our research brought us to three man pain points to focus on to stay ahead of other competitors. All this within a very restricted timeframe.

User Location Detection
The website and the mobile application need to show the exact user location. With this, the user gets 8ccess to restaurants nearby and the delivery team the exact location that ensures delivery without experience.

One order-Multiple Restaurants
One of the features included communicating with multiple restaurants for the same order to achieve this the backend needs to work on multiple parameters like prices taxes fees tips the same needed to be done in reverse in case of a refund tricky part!

Payment integration:
Project required a best-in-class payment integration that supports not just online payments but also needed to integrated with every point-of-sale system available in the restaurant. Multiple payment aggregators were included to make the process smooth.

Geo Location:
Simple feature which when coupled with few API made it possible to detect the user location accurate to less than 7 m.

Item Grouping:
The trick to accommodate multiple restaurants in a single order was cracked. With attributes map to each item it will be floating in the overall order and not mapped to a specific restaurant thus making it possible.

We followed the module based agile methodology to deliver the application within a defined time frame each module was unit tested to ensure minimum rework on the module thus View restaurants in a location coupled with Google maps integration.

Customer Interface:

*View restaurants in a location coupled with Google maps integration.

*View menu pictures, reviews, and location.

*Avail discounts based on day, time, and Order meals reg-time.

*See order progress real time

*Receive delivery status and updates.

Restaurant interface:

*Customize restaurant page by adding a menu.

*Manage and fulfil orders

*Driver’s dispatch

*Orders manage payments and see the analytics

*Order cancellations and refund today

Delivery interface:

*Receive order updates and status and real time updates

*Access to user location via maps for directions

*Chat and call function to reach the user

*Delivery status updates with Geo tracking

*Pause and resume feature to show availability

*Payment updates for pay on delivery orders


This was the exciting part in the whole execution phase. The brainstorming sessions with multiple rounds finally got us to a solution to the major pain points in the requirements. It was not just a delivery website but also included take away to cater to all users. The back-end architecture was designed in less than 48 hours with mobile screens ready to be developed.


The application is now live in Australia with the latest version running in playstore.
10,000+ active users.
100k+ downloads
80% profit margins.

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