Problem Faced

The client wanted to build a comprehensive payment solution that focused on speed and security. Requirements: The requirement was to build a system that accept payments in person using an all-in- one platform and user-friendly terminals that allow the businesses to safely collect payments, increase productivity, and grow customer loyalty in any environment. The client wanted a cross platform application that can be controlled in the backend. Each business type would have specialized backend functionalities to accommodate the line of business. The application was also required to be developed on android, iOS and tablets and these devices also need to act like a POS device to accept card payments.

The Challenge

The project has offered a number of serious challenges for our development team. First of all, it's hardware part - the tablet with a cardholder - is a non-typical device with technological peculiarities. To function properly, the tablet should work in kiosk mode only. Our engineers had to start by blocking the possibility of exiting this application, launching the system, and running any third-party applications on the tablet

The Solution

The entire requirements and pain points were analyzed and documented for revisions. Constant communication with the client helped in understanding the gray areas in the project Deciding the technology stack alone required intensive research and thousands of manhours Integrating payments means aligning the platforms and systems to facilitate the payments section of a business. The following solutions were identified to tackle the challenges.

* An SDK integration with the devices was formulated and executed

* Apart from mobile devices, the payment gateway was integrated into POS machines with reporting and refund features

* Each payment was mapped to unique ID to ensure future ease of reporting.

* Experience and technical expertise.

* Responsiveness and scalability were achieved with the proper technology

The Result

The outcome of the project is a fully functional complex of several Android and web applications that meet all customer requirements. As for the users' part, the solution helps the users to get an automated application for viewing and analysing all payments in a convenient and secure manner. Dispute time reduced to 0.2% Sales worth $2 billion payments processed, 10,000+ merchants onboarded


PHP, Laravel, Java, Angular JS, Vue JS, HTML, CSS, Kotlin, Swift, Kubernetes, docker

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