Problem Faced

The requirement was an out of the box concept to somehow gamify the sales process followed by the employees. We had to find a way to gamify the sales process and design a clean and intuitive system around the generic sales process. We were handed the task to simplify the sales process from all angles.

The Solution

After 3-4 rounds of brainstorming sessions, our team decided to acknowledge the tedious tasks involved in sales- Paper work and work assignments. We closely analysed the routines of the sales team and built a game system around them. A gamified ERP and CRM SaaS platform was built around the process with 3 roles: super admin, manager and sales team. Features:

* Player levels, quests-daily and monthly, bonuses, Reward points for each quests achieved that transforms into monetary incentives

* Territory Assignment gave easy way to assign areas to salespersons by managers that will be reflected in the salesperson interface.

* Messenger was built for communication between salesperson and managers to update the progress.


The outcome as promised gave a robust, easily scalable ERP CRM that solved the daily issues faced by the client. Reduced paperwork, easy reporting, better engagement, healthy competitiveness, resource management and KPI tracking were made simple.

Our Office Locations

Enterprises demand instant access for critical business operations like payments and customer support, irrespective of their location. LemonPeak’s global presence guarantees the above, assuring success.


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Dodanekundi, Outer Ring Road, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560048

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